Tuesday 16 June 2020

We are in love with liquorice in the Nordic countries. We eat it all the time and the saltier the better. And most other countries feel exactly the opposite about the black gold, they absolutely cannot stand it, especially not the salty kind. 

But maybe it’s because you have never tried the really good quality liquorice ? 


At CPHAGEN we currently stock two Danish liquorice makers 


One is the fantastic Lakrids by Bulow that you might have seen in the Copenhagen airport. More than 10 years ago Johan Bulow introduced this high quality, organic liquorice to the Danes and since then it has been a huge success. 

The same in our shop, where especially the chocolate covered ones have been super popular. 


But there is space for more liquorice (isn’t there always ☺) so last year we started looking for an additional brand and we found one for the purist, the little artisanal liquorice maker Bagsværd Lakrids, who are coincidentally located less than 10 km from where I grew up. 


On my visit to their small facilities, the owner Morten Kornbech greeted me and told me a lot about the fascinating process of creating their liquorice but even more importantly, I got to taste it. And my god, I don’t think I ever have tried more intriguing liquorice. First of all, the special caramel texture makes it stay longer in the mouth than normal harder liquorice types and secondly then it has a full palette of tastes. Most notably some bitterness which combined with the sweetness and the underlying saltiness, which is not overpowering not even in the salmiak version, gives a great balanced and mouthwatering taste.

In addition salmiak it also comes in Classic (less salty than Salmiak but definitely not sweet liquorice), Chilli (quite punchy) and Ginger. All of them come in blocks of approx. 230g wrapped in baking paper to keep them moisture. Highly, highly recommendable if you are into liquorce.

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