Friday 29 May 2020

I think almost every Dane has at least one piece of a classic FDB Møbler furniture in their home. 

FDB Møbler was originally started in the early 1940’s where a group of Danish designers were tasked with developing beautiful, functional furniture at attractive prices. 

Among these designers were internationally renowned geniuses like Børge Mogensen, Poul Volther and Jørgen Bækmark. 

They had their heydays in 1950-70’s where Danish furniture designed boomed globally and because FDB Møbler could provide beautifully designed and high-quality furniture, and not only reserved for the most prosperous in society, they obviously entered a lot of homes. 

After this period, the taste unfortunately moved towards more mass-produced furniture and the factory finally closed in 1980. 


But in 2013 COOP (the original company behind FDB Møbler) decided to dust off some of the old designs and they relaunched some of the old classics. 


They became immediately very popular and they have since launched many new pieces based on the original designs and some new ones that share the same DNA. 


From the beginning when we started CPHAGEN we knew that we had to have these gorgeous, and accessible, pieces of furniture in our catalogue. We were the first ones to sell them in the region and some of the first ones to sell them outside Denmark. 


We would love for these classics to enter your home as well. 

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